New Beginnings

3 01 2011

It seems appropriate to begin the new year and the start of the Peace Development Fund’s 30th Anniversary celebrations with articles from our first newsletter. Especially this one, which describes PDF’s first years.

from Peace Developments, May 1982, Vol. 1, No. 1

“PDF Off and Funding”

The Peace Development Fund is now fully operational. From our office in Amherst, Mass., we are raising money in order to award grants to projects and organizations from across the country working to promote world peace, global demilitarization and non-violent conflict resolution. We made our first series of grants in February and our second funding cycle will take place in May.

We are especially pleased to be able to make these grants at a time when there is such an extraordinary increase in concern about nuclear war in the United States. We know that many of these activities designed to inform the public about war and peace have taken place on a shoestring budget and we anticipate giving the people who carry these out a boost by attempting to provide them with essential funding.

The idea for PDF originated in 1980. Meg Gage (Executive Director) and Bob Mazer (Director of Development) initiated work on the Fund and hired Betsy Blish as an additional staff member in fall of 1981.

Meg Gage and Bob Mazer reminisce in PDF's offices in 2007.

Robby Meeropol has temporarily replaced Meg, who is on maternity leave. All of the staff have worked on behalf of peace and are aware of the problems groups face when they lack sufficient funding. We are anxious to be helpful and to remain involved with ongoing peace work.

Our grants provide timely assistance so that new local groups will be able to establish themselves and grow. We are also providing support to national organizations for the production of educational resources which local groups rely on.

If you would like to become involved with our work or want more information, please contact us. We can only do it with your help.




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