Board & Staff

Peace Development Fund’s work spreading peace through justice would not be possible without the passion and dedication of the PDF Board of Directors and Staff.

Board of Directors

The Peace Development Fund Board of Directors is composed of dedicated people from across the country that reflects the communities that we serve. Many are activists within their own communities and all understand the importance of peace and social justice and supporting oppressed communities. This is important to the foundation, as it is a way to ground and tie our work directly to those who we support.

Kimo Campbell, Kentfield, CA

Raised in Ewa, O’ahu, Hawai’i, Kimo Campbell is active with many boards and environmental groups. He is currently a board member of Seacology, the California League of Conservation Voters and the Hawai’i Trust for PublicLand. Kimo operates the Pohaku Fund, a donor advised fund of the Tides Foundation, which focuses on political work and the environment in Hawai’i.

Ali El-Issa, Brooklyn, NY

Ali El-Issa is the President of the Flying Eagle Woman Fund, named in honor of his wife, Ingrid Washinawatok El-Issa. Ali works on guaranteeing the rights of Indigenous peoples across the globe. He is on the Board of the Rigoberta Menchu Túm Foundation and is a principal representative of Ms. Menchu Túm to the United Nations.

Lori Goodman, Durango, CO – Board Treasurer

Lori Goodman is a full-time volunteer and Board member of Diné CARE, an all-Navajo environmental organization. Lori has been involved in Environmental Justice work since 1988.

Teresa Juarez, Chimayo, NM – Board President

Teresa is a long time social activist.  She runs the Teh-Luh-Lah Learning and HealingCenter and is the lead organizer of the New Mexico Alliance.

Tina Reynolds, New York, NY – Board Acting Secretary

Tina Reynolds is Co-Founder and Chair of Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH). She is an adjunct professor at York -CUNY, and is a board member of JusticeWorks Community and the Coalition for Parole Restoration. In her work over the past 15 years, Tina has partnered with formerly and imprisoned women to challenge and offer solutions to policies and other barriers women and families face during and after incarceration. She has published pieces on the abolition of prisons, the impact of incarceration on women and children and is an editor of an anthology Interrupted Life.



The staff of the Peace Development Fund is composed of dedicated people with years of experience in both the foundation world and as social activists. PDF considers itself lucky to be able to find staff members who are dedicated to the ideals of social justice not only in their work for the foundation but also in their personal lives.

Jaime Arsenault, Program/Development Associate

Kazu Haga, Program Coordinator

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Kazu moved to the US with his family when he was seven. His introduction to Social Justice work came in 1998 when he participated in the Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage. He has since been involved with many organizations in the US and abroad as a volunteer, board member, advisor, or trainer, including work with the Prison Book Project, AFSC, Project 2050, Critical Resistance, Nipponzan Myohoji, and others. He began his work with the Peace Development Fund in Massachusetts in 2002, relocated to the Bay Area in 2006, and now resides in Oakland.

Paul Haible, Executive Director

Executive Director Paul Haible has thirty years experience working with the Public Foundation movement, serving in all the roles: Staff, Board member, advisor, consultant, volunteer and grant committee member. He is a co-founder of the Funding Exchange, worked for Vanguard Public Foundation for twelve years, served on boards of several of the Funding Exchange funds, as well as the board of Seva Foundation. He worked for five years for the Indigenous Environmental Network, serves as a key advisor to the Flying Eagle Woman Fund, and is an United Nations delegate for the Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation.

Arlean Solis, Director of Administration and Finance

Arlean comes to PDF with over 20 years of experience working with progressive non-profts, including the Vanguard Public Foundation.  During her career, Arlean has worked in administration, grantmaking and fundraising.  A native of San Francisco, Arlean was born and raised in the Mission District.  She has volunteered and supported various groups including Mission Reading Clinic, Mission Economic Development Association and Upward Bound.  Most recently, Arlean has been a member of Summerbridge 30th Anniversary Committee, an organization committed to providing advocacy and educational enrichment to public middle school students.

Kathy Sharkey, Development Consultant

Kathy’s career in non-profit management has included fund-raising, marketing and communications, business administration, new business development and site development.  Her client list is diverse, reflecting a range of interests and expertise, such as progressive organizations, universities, and botanical gardens.  She lives in Redding, CA and South Hadley, MA, and has clients on both coasts.  Kathy has worked for the Peace Development Fund since 2003, and serves on the boards of The Mill at Stoney Brook and Prescription: Pets.

Ray Santiago, Development Officer

Ray manages the donor-advised funds and designated grants program at PDF. He has over 20 years experience in foundation work, from program/grants to development/fundraising. He spent almost 20 years as a community, labor and student organizer and has served on a number of local and regional community and foundation boards. Ray is presently on the board of La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA and is an advisor to Fundamentals of Sports in Oakland, CA and the Teh-Luh-Lah Learning and Healing Center in Chimayo, NM.


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